Ceregumil: cereals, legumes and honey

Ceregumil is one of the most famous brands in the dietary supplement world. Even the elderly know it since they were kids! Once in a while, classic brands need a breath of fresh air. Ceregumil trusted us the redesign of their website, along with the design of their new product catalog and we even made the photography of the new products.

There is a lot to choose from

We love making layouts for editorial design, and we love printing. There is “something” in print paper we find so charming and irresistible. Thanks to the great variety of products, we were able to design a dynamic and long catalog, with a very simple and organized layout. We provide the brand with a clean style to focus all the attention on their products.

Come and see

Nowadays, having an online store make your products accessible to any user that is far to the real shop, making your company feel close to everyone. In Ceregumil case, the mission was clear, an easy navigating online store, no surprises, pure easy user experience. We manage to show all products in their placed and in a intuitive order. We also took the pictures for the online catalog this time.

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