Exhibition catalog “En torno al paisaje” (Regarding the landscape)

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Natural beauty

This was a photography art piece, and the visual aspect was really important. It required a layout in line with the artistic speech of the client. In the pictures, the landscape shows maths and proportion, joined to question fiction or reality. We got to communicate the same terms with our editorial design.

The exhibition catalog design works as a photo book. The font is simple and modern, allowing the easy reading, and highlighting the photography and the art project.

Purity as a banner

The use of color in the design of the catalog was also made according to the exhibition style. We used tiny color elements with the same tone as the art pieces. White color prevails giving all focus to the images, as it happened on the exhibition hall.

All these details and the fact that we love the smell of paper made us really happy to take part of this project, so special for us as the art of Jose María Escalona.

Did you like the final result of this project?

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