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Made just for you

This is the design we made for the website of Gibralfaro Nursery School. Nowadays it is essential to have a responsive website, and, of course, it had to be a fun but intuitive site.

In this project, we played with basic color as the main design concept. In order to give it a different feeling, we made special team photos. In those pictures, we can meet the teachers getting to know their role. This way, the school seems close and sincere to the user.

Breathe the style

The illustrations were made with care for the brand, taking also into account the fact that is a school for little ones, and their target is their parents.

In this case, we had fun drawing by hand, and placing the drawings into different types of paper, so they have a natural and childish touch. Thanks to that, the website, has its own personality, and looks great!

Wha complete project! Want one for yourself?

Contact us and we will tell you what we and do for you and your company.

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