A charming stay

Placed at the very Málaga’s SOHO, NONO is a nice apartments building perfect to enjoy your stay in the city. NONO is part of a company group named Charming Stay, with great experience. NONO’s team ensures hospitality and a unique experience.

They are at the top of the list of speciality lodging in Málaga in TripAdvisor. NONO is the perfect mix, with all the amenities of a nice hotel and the independence of an apartment.

Do overthink it, let yourself by charmed by NONO.

A design with lot of class

We design an attractive website, focusing on the rooms, showing all the facilities in a very visual way.

Ah, we almost forget the most important thing! Thanks to its connected booking engine direct booking are really going up. And they are also saving money on Booking!

And the icing of the cake was the total branding design. From the logo to some of the most charming details inside the apartments. We design the wallpaper, directions signs and even the label in some amenities.

Of course, we did no leave behind the main goal, to make the brand communicate what the company really gives, charming stays.

Elegant photography

Apart from the wonderful branding, we also were in charge of taking the picture of all the apartments in the inside. They would be used for the website, social networks and booking platforms. In the photos, we wanted to show the minimalism in decoration and the great natural light that shines in the rooms. The pictures really reflect the original style of NONO’s apartments.

A friendly service

We also have the pleasure to manage the social networks for NONO. We create interesting content and make their presence online even more powerful. As social managers, we encourage the users to interact with each other and with the company, so there can be a bond between them.

What a project! Want one like it?

Contact us and we will tell you how can we help you and your company.

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