Play creating

This is a very special project, created with a lot of excitement. Our client needed to communicate all the creativity of its project, and we loved playing with that concept. Pies de Mamut brand was born to teach while learning and encouraging inventive.

We created a very colourful and fun logo. Simplicity, energy are some characteristics of this bran, along with strong and clean font to add some personality to it. A delicious result!

Everything tidy and in its place

In the rest of the project for Pies de Mamut brand, we always use pictures with a lot of colors, cheerful and simple, with a clear information. These images reflect all Pies de Mamut offers to its clients. Using different geometric shapes we gave the logo al modern and strong style. We fell completely in love with this project!

What a super project! What one like it?

Contact us and we will tell you what can we do for you and your company

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