Bermudo consultancy, nerve and efficiency join together

Bermudo consultancy is a company placed in Marbella. The main requirement was reflecting the personality of a father an a daughter that work together. We place two “b” together so they could make a symbol, emphasizing the family concept without forgetting to give it a professional look. They are two great workers with a different specialization that complement each other.

On the stationery designs, we wanted to communicate in a simple and colored way, the strong values of the brand. With those design, we manage to update their style keeping the spirit that defines them

A window to the outside world

On the website design, we focus on simplicity, in order to communicate the clearness and transparency of the company. The web is completely responsive and intuitive in navigation, adapted to the user and taste of the client.

What a complete project! Want one like it?

Contact us and we will tell you what can we do for you and your company

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