Let’s exchange looks!

Barbarela optician’s shop has years of experience in the sector and it is a well known brand in Málaga. They contacted us several times to help them creating different offline campaigns, in order to communicate the values of its brand. We gave the campaign an artistic look. Our true mission was making a design for the bus decoration that would go around the city, making them flashy and original.

Always at sight

There is nothing like seeing things clearly, that is why we love designing things that call everyone’s attention. For the first project, we focus on geometry and abstract shapes. We filled the bus with nice shapes matching the brand new style. We used pastel colors combine with black and we did the drawing by hand in order to give it a personal touch.

Take a look

For the second project, Barbarela told us about their collaboration with Entrambasaguas, a therapeutic center focus especially on kids. They worked in correcting vision problems that make cognitive development more difficult.

We draw some funny illustrations that show some of the tests that take place in the center. We wanted to communicate the audience the fact that therapy can be fun. This time we choose more saturated color to add some contrast and make it even more dynamic.

Would you like a campaign like this one?

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