Villa Lorena, certainly, a special place

Villa Lorena is a charming hotel with 50s atmosphere. In this project we emphasized the elegance of that period in a coloured and attractive way. The name of the hotel comes from “Lorraine”, an area in the north of France where a particular flower named “Begonia Lorraine” grows. The brand uses a simple and feminine font, with lot of personality as it simulates the handwriting. A flower with simple shapes completes the logo, as that flower that grows all over the garden of the villa.

Just a glance and you will be enchanted

Villa Lorena’s website shows the hotel rooms in a very visual way, focusing on the pictures as the main content. The navigation is very fluid and intuitive for the user.

Thanks to the booking system integrated on the website the user can book directly, saving the hotel the fees from Booking! In addition, the booking form is always on display so the user can make the reservation at any section.

Details that make the difference

One of the most important task we make for Villa Lorena is the social management. We post interesting and positive content to make the brand visible and get new followers. We keep the networks active, and we plan our post carefully, so we can create a bond with the client, promoting the company and its reputation online.

As a finishing touch, we designed some stationary for this company, such as business cards, bike stickers, exterior banners…


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